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With more customization power, comes more complexity. This is true for Google Analytics. You get the analysis of your online sites, exactly the way you want it, but it requires in-depth understanding of the technology. For example, your website purchase funnel may have 3 steps, check the product, add to cart and pay. Some other website could have a lead funnel of - watch a video, click on a link, and then fill a form. All these funnels have different flows and end-goals. Google Analytics need to be setup in different ways to be able to track the funnel specific to you. We shall help you with it.

It is one thing being able to track what is happening in your website, and a whole another thing being able to visualize the data, so as to make quick decisions. We will ensure that the metrics that you feel are important are available to you in a way which helps you understand the situation faster. Fore example, if you are a business involved in selling footwears, and your business success lies in measuring the volume of each variety of footwear sold monthly, we will work on creating reports which will present exactly that. Plus, these reports would be in Google's data studio, completely customizable and presentable. Trust us, you will be amazed.

Onlyne GA absolutely nailed the data analytics we needed to solve our key sales challenges.

Lisa Adams, Marketing Manager, Acme Corp

With this new avatar of Google Analytics we are able to track our target segment like a pro. Thanks Onlyne GA!

Morgan Joel, CEO, Big Guns Publishers Corp

We didn't even know that we could capture our growth metrics so easily and quickly. Onlyne GA did the trick for us.

Amy Williams, Chief of Online Operations, Pocket Power Games Inc.

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